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You have an opportunity to buy a pool of loans, but you don't have time to re-underwrite every loan in the pool...

You have over a million data fields and only 24 hours to bid...

You know you have the right investment in mind, but you need to be sure that you present the right justification for that investment to management...

If you work with EaseCap, you rely on our integrated technology tools to quickly and efficiently assess the objective elements of risk in the portfolio.

When working with EaseCap:

You can turn to our partners in asset management and third-party underwriting to complement the quantitative analysis and receive an expert opinion based on decades of experience managing and working out the same classes of asset as those in your pool.
You will gain real-time insight into the workout process as those same asset managers assist you in the active management of the asset pool you just bought.
By working with our technology and their experience, EaseCap partners will help you identify the best investments and make the most of them.

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Investor Return on Investment

At EaseCap, we serve the commercial mortgage market.
We get the right information into the right hands at the right time to make the best decision.
Clarence Dixon, former Managing Director, TBE

"I worked with EaseCap during my tenure as Managing Director of TBE in Brussels. I found the EaseCap team easy to work with. They helped my organization in two areas: shadow servicing and management of non-performing commercial mortgages. Unlike many technology firms, they focused on the business issues instead of digging into technology for its own sake. EaseCap helped me deploy technology solutions to address my core business concerns."
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