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Pile of mortgage papersOriginators must assimilate large bodies of data quickly in order to make and defend responsible underwriting decisions. Gathering this data and making sense of it takes time, manpower and money.

As the deal moves through the capital markets, this information must be communicated quickly to the many participants in the process. EaseCap has customized solutions to help loan originators gather, verify and transmit this information quickly, ensuring a timely completion of the pass-through process.

Lots of paperwork...

In today's challenging market, the resulting liquidity is the lifeblood of loan originators.

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At EaseCap, we serve the commercial mortgage market.
We get the right information into the right hands at the right time to make the best decision.
Clarence Dixon, former Managing Director, TBE

"I worked with EaseCap during my tenure as Managing Director of TBE in Brussels. I found the EaseCap team easy to work with. They helped my organization in two areas: shadow servicing and management of non-performing commercial mortgages. Unlike many technology firms, they focused on the business issues instead of digging into technology for its own sake. EaseCap helped me deploy technology solutions to address my core business concerns."
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