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Asset Manager ReportCapturing accurate information from borrowers and providing actionable information to investors in time for the data to make an impact is a tremendous challenge in today's market. For most servicers, there are two main types of information: the vast body of "business as usual" information involving their primary servicing mandates and the critical information involving troubled loans handled by their special servicing team.

The EaseCap team has worked with groups in both camps. The key common factor is the need to make sound decisions based on the information at hand and to make sure that the decisions are justified by that information. These decisions include whether (and when) to move a given loan from primary servicing to special servicing, how to communicate those decisions and the reasons behind them to lenders and investors, and when to defer those decisions to the controlling class of investors.

For Servicers, the EaseCap team provides:

  • Asset management assistance helps you get your asset managers on the same page as your portfolio managers.
  • Reporting flexibility provides the ability to generate standard reporting templates like the IRP for viewing while empowering users to create their own custom views for unique insight into specific transactions and situations.
  • Process management support helps your staff make the most of the solutions you already have in place.

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At EaseCap, we serve the commercial mortgage market.
We get the right information into the right hands at the right time to make the best decision.
Huub Mourits, Managing Director, Structured Finance Services - TMF

"I have been very pleased with EaseCap's transaction management system. The system provides my team with the ability to capture and coordinate input from numerous collateral administrators. The resulting ease of SPV accounting has allowed us to automate the previously manual process of creating and distributing mandatory regulatory reports. This is a high-value performance improvement from our client's perspective - keeping regulators at arm's length enables the clients to focus on investment returns rather than on returning calls and answering letters from regulators."
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