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Dealing with hundreds or thousands of collateral administrators to offer accounting services and management services for the special purpose entities whose assets they manage is a tedious and often thankless task. Just as daunting are the various regulatory reports which must be submitted - on time and accurately - in order to earn a razor-thin profit margin.

EaseCap has worked with SPV accountants for years, helping them collect massive bodies of information from collateral administrators, assimilate that information into client accounting systems and generate regulatory reports. Often, the key is speaking to the right regulator to learn the intent behind the reports they are requesting. EaseCap is there for you to help you with that dialog, ensuring that you know what the real question is - and how to answer it.

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Clarence Dixon, former Managing Director, TBE

"I worked with EaseCap during my tenure as Managing Director of TBE in Brussels. I found the EaseCap team easy to work with. They helped my organization in two areas: shadow servicing and management of non-performing commercial mortgages. Unlike many technology firms, they focused on the business issues instead of digging into technology for its own sake. EaseCap helped me deploy technology solutions to address my core business concerns."
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