Case Studies

Putting It All Together for Bridge Loan Originations

Agricap is a mid-market lender in California. They serve the Pacific region and many Central American states, providing a wide range of financial products for the agriculture market sector. Their services include factoring, accounts receivable lending, inventory finance and "bridge" mortgage loans for farm real estate. Agricap's business began shrinking even before the downturn. Learn how EaseCap helped them adapt.

Automation Brings Economies of Scale to Shadow Servicing

TBE began as a joint venture between Crown Mortgage Management of the UK and Fortis Bank of the Netherlands. It was established to explore new opportunities in the mortgage capital markets. TBE bid and won a mandate to provide a new service for a portfolio of securitized debt: monitoring the performance of the mortgage servicer for a securitized portfolio of property tax receivables. Learn how EaseCap helped them adapt.

Helping Squeeze Better Results From Non-Performing Mortgages

The client was a British mortgage servicer with thousands of non-performing residential mortgages and a staff shortage on their special assets team. The staff was required to report on the status of those loans each week and make sure their strategy for each was the best available. In addition, they also had a very tight timeline of only six months to close out the pools on hand. Learn how EaseCap helped them adapt and streamline their work in the process.

Timely Reporting Preserves Reputation and Bond Ratings

Bayerische Landesbank is a mid-sized German bank. Their initial venture into structured finance for their mortgage portfolio was to launch Nymphenburg, a €2.17 billion Commercial Mortgage-Backed Securities (CMBS) transaction. Learn how EaseCap helped them cope with a sudden surge in the demand for investor reports.

Synthetic Securitization Releases Regulatory Capital
(Made Possible by Technology Solution)

In 1999 Rheinhyp was one of the largest mortgage banks in Germany. However, Rheinhyp would soon suffer from a convergence of difficulties. They faced a rising cost of capital, regulatory constraints on capital deployment and a resulting inability to profitably generate additional revenues. Learn how EaseCap's founding team helped Rheinhyp exceed their ROE targets in the face of capital constraints.

At EaseCap, we serve the commercial mortgage market.
We get the right information into the right hands at the right time to make the best decision.
Huub Mourits, Managing Director, Structured Finance Services - TMF

"I have been very pleased with EaseCap's transaction management system. The system provides my team with the ability to capture and coordinate input from numerous collateral administrators. The resulting ease of SPV accounting has allowed us to automate the previously manual process of creating and distributing mandatory regulatory reports. This is a high-value performance improvement from our client's perspective - keeping regulators at arm's length enables the clients to focus on investment returns rather than on returning calls and answering letters from regulators."
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