Case Study

Timely Reporting Preserves Reputation and Bond Ratings


Bayerische Landesbank is a mid-sized German bank. Their initial venture into structured finance for their mortgage portfolio was to launch Nymphenburg, a €2.17 billion Commercial Mortgage-Backed Securities (CMBS) transaction.


Due to staff turnover and other issues, Bayerische Landesbank possessed neither the staff nor technology tools to produce the required investor reports internally - and they had only one month to add both. It was clear to management that unless Bayerische Landesbank produced the critical investor reports on time, they would suffer a damaging loss of reputation in the marketplace. They could even face the risk that the ratings of the Nymphenburg bonds could be downgraded.


To meet these challenges head-on, Bayerische Landesbank management contacted easetec AG (now named EaseCap Solutions). EaseCap (easetec) successfully designed and built the reports for Bayerische Landesbank - and with time to spare despite the one-month window.


Using EaseCap (easetec) as an outsourced vendor, Bayerische Landesbank was able to prepare the required reports accurately, efficiently and on time.


As a result of using EaseCap (easetec), Bayerische Landesbank maintained both their superior reputation and bond rating through the difficult German property market which arose shortly after their issuance.

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"I have been very pleased with EaseCap's transaction management system. The system provides my team with the ability to capture and coordinate input from numerous collateral administrators. The resulting ease of SPV accounting has allowed us to automate the previously manual process of creating and distributing mandatory regulatory reports. This is a high-value performance improvement from our client's perspective - keeping regulators at arm's length enables the clients to focus on investment returns rather than on returning calls and answering letters from regulators."
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